Adsum Brand


Founded 2015
Founder Pete Macnee
Key people Richard Rice
Engineered USA
Manufacturer country China
Head office USA, New York

Adsum is an American menswear brand founded by Peter Macnee in Brooklyn, New York, in 2015.

The brand's inspiration draws from traditional American workwear styles from both the cities and rural areas of the Northeastern USA.

Adsum collections are inspired by the professions of people who often remain overlooked, such as service staff, coaches, harvesters, and gardeners.

Adsum is known for its ability to craft functional clothing with unique details and accents. The Adsum brand focuses on simplicity and quality, with its design often rooted in classic menswear, yet approached with modern creativity.

The brand has collaborated and created joint collections with brands such as Gramicci, Vans, Merrell, Nanga and Reebok.

The brand's products include outerwear, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, and accessories.

The word "Adsum" in Latin means "I am here" or "I am present."

The history of the Adsum brand

After working at several major brands in New York, designer Peter Macnee decided to start creating his own clothing. He turned to local tailor Mark McNairy to help sew the Balmac coat, a design Peter developed in his spare time. From that moment on, the development of the Adsum brand began.

Adsum brand collections