Brand Arktis

norwegian. Arktis (arctic)

Founded 1985
Key people Adrián Balint, Elmer Fanson, Chris Trimby
Engineered United Kingdom
Manufacturer country United Kingdom
Head office United Kingdom, Exeter

The British brand Arktis manufactures functional clothing and equipment for emergency services and special forces around the world, such as military, police, and rescuers.

Arktis is known for its durable materials, such as kevlar, nylon, ripstop, gore-tex, as well as innovative technologies that allow the creation of clothing resistant to wind, rain, and other weather conditions. Most Arktis products have multiple pockets and compartments, making them ideal for those who need quick access to tools and other items.

Arktis is popular not only among special forces workers but also among enthusiasts of hunting, fishing, mountaineering, and other forms of active recreation.

The brand's main products include jackets, trousers, fleece items, waterproof clothing, as well as accessories such as backpacks, gloves, and hats.

Arktis has a wide variation of camouflage, including the popular Multicam pattern. Comb (Arid/Blizzard/Urban) and Tundra are unique camouflages created by the Arktis design team. In addition to the catalog of standard camouflage patterns, there is a custom design service from Arktis where the customer can choose the camouflage color to meet their needs.

Fabric technology

Arktis employs advanced fabric manufacturing technologies in its products to ensure durability and functionality. Key features include flame-resistant properties (FR), infrared remission (IRR) for night vision camouflage, durable water repellency (DWR) using C6 perfluorinated compounds, and permethrin-treated clothing for insect protection. Waterproofing is ensured through droplet linings and three-layer materials that provide breathability and protection. Arktis also commits to environmental protection by using recycled polyester (rPET) in its clothing, for instance, the D010 hoodie, which contains 15% rPET.

Testing and engineering

Arktis designs equipment in consultation with military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and rapid response service workers to ensure functionality, durability, and support. Arktis uses motion capture (MoCap) technology to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and collaborates with the MoCap center for rigorous scientific evaluation of its products. Studies in the field of exercise science and biology are aimed at studying the physical loads on professionals, measuring the impact of load-bearing products on maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max), and gait analysis. Independent laboratories such as Satra, BTTG, and HSTTS test Arktis products, obtaining certificates of conformity standards for UK goods (UKCA) and the European Union (CE). Tests include hydrostatic pressure tests for waterproofing (with a standard of 20k mm), EN342 for thermal protection, EN343 for waterproofing and air permeability (achieving the highest standard 4:4), and EN ISO 20471 for high-visibility clothing (meeting class 3, the highest standard).

Arktis brand history

Arktis was founded by a former Special Forces captain of the Royal Marines a few years after the end of the Falklands War. His task was to improve the standard British uniform, which proved to be unreliable during the armed conflict.

The word Arktis translates from Norwegian as "Arctic". It was in the Arctic conditions that the Royal Marines conducted military exercises. The Arctic is characterized by some of the harshest climatic conditions on Earth, and it is for this reason that the brand chose the name Arktis.

Arktis clothing

Avenger B315

The Avenger is a popular, versatile coat used by various UK police forces, the royal court, and security forces around the world. The Avenger coat has the highest waterproof and breathability rating (EN343:2019 Class 4:4) and offers a '3 in 1' design with a 50/50 Ripstop outer cover, a waterproof droplet insert, and a zipped fleece for individual insulation. The coat features 12 pockets, hidden badge panels, and a stowaway hood, making it ideal for extreme conditions and various climates.

Stowaway Jacket A192

The Stowaway is a lightweight, minimalist jacket designed for portability and convenience. It easily packs into a pouch at the back of the neck, making it ideal for daypacks, glove compartments, or jacket pockets. Made from lightweight mini-rip nylon with a DWR coating, it is rainproof, highly breathable, and weighs less than 200 grams. Key features include waterproof and wind protection, a straightforward design, fully elasticated cuffs, and compatibility with all vest options. The Stowaway provides an extra layer of protection when the weather turns harsh.

C222 Ranger Trousers

The C222 Ranger trousers are the third generation of such models, offering enhanced features and an improved design based on user feedback. Key features include a four-way stretch fabric for elasticity and ease of movement, compatibility with various third-party knee pads, and 10 pockets of various sizes. Made from durable 50% polyester / 50% cotton Ripstop fabric, these trousers are waterproof and have drainage holes in the knee area. Additional features include knee and ankle adjustment, as well as a knife/holster clip on the upper pockets. The C222 trousers provide functionality and comfort in various situations.