Brand F/CE.


Founded 2010
Key people Toshifumi Yamane
Engineered Japan

F/CE. (Functionality. Culture. Exploration) is a Japanese brand that produces functional clothing and accessories.

The core concept of the F/CE. brand is based on using the cultures of various countries around the world as sources of inspiration for creating innovative design solutions. This approach is aimed at generating new ideas and discoveries.

In every season, the F/CE. collections are dominated by a theme related to a particular country. The brand's team visits this country, familiarizes itself with the local lifestyle, history, architecture, art, and music, and then transfers the inspiration gained into the design and details of its products.

The F/CE. brand pays great attention to the technical specifications and functionality of its products, striving for the utmost perfection of these aspects. The products of F/CE. are considered finished only after the images from the travels have been embodied in them, transformed into features that provide comfort in the conditions of urban lifestyle.

Clothing collection 2023

The F/CE. 23AW (Autumn/Winter 2023) clothing collection draws inspiration from Danish design culture and the "Purpose / Equality" philosophy. Danish design emphasizes practicality and durability, underlining simplicity and beauty of forms. The F/CE. collection embodies these principles in functional, minimalist, comfortable, practical, and contemporary items.

The collection's practicality is achieved through thoughtful design and the use of innovative technical materials. F/CE. carefully selects textiles to ensure durability, drawing inspiration from the high-quality materials used in traditional Danish design. For example, seam tapes are used to ensure comfort, breathability and maximum waterproofing.

The collection's color palette is broad and inspired by Denmark's natural landscapes. The goal is to create versatile items that can fit into different lifestyles and environments. Overall, the 23AW collection reflects the philosophy of Danish design - a combination of functionality and aesthetics in line with a practical and democratic lifestyle.