Brand Folk


Founded 2001
Founder Cathal McAteer
Key people Cathal McAteer, Fraser Shand
Engineered United Kingdom
Manufacturer country China, Portugal

The clothing brand Folk was founded in 2001 by the Scottish Cathal McAteer.

The origins of Folk are linked to Japan, where the founder of the brand was involved in designing women's clothing. An interest in expanding into menswear marked the beginning of the brand's creation.

As part of its design philosophy, Folk aims to create clothing with simple forms, avoiding unnecessary extravagance.

Instead, the focus is on interesting and comfortable elements such as quality buttons and leather details. These accents are not dominant and can be easily modified or removed by the wearer, emphasizing the versatility and practicality of the garment.

In the process of developing the Folk brand clothing collections, great attention is paid to the selection of materials, including the use of Japanese calico for jersey shirts and Bolivian alpaca wool for woollen items, as well as high quality leather footwear made in Portugal.

Interesting facts

Awards and Nominations of the Folk Brand Founder

  • The Telegraph Awards — Winner in the "Best Small Shop" category
  • Scottish Style Awards — McAteer was nominated twice for the "Scottish Designer of the Year" title and won once
  • The Scottish Fashion Awards — Nominee, "Designer of the Year"

Clothing brand Folk

Men's Folk brand fall/winter 2023 collection #

The collection is inspired by the work of American artist Frank Stella, a key figure in the minimalist movement. Stella focuses on the fundamental elements of painting: line, shape, color, materials and composition, aiming for the surface of the canvas to convey the idea as clearly and unambiguously as possible. His principles of "what you see is what you see" and his mastery in creating simple, honest and playful designs resonate with the Folk philosophy.