Founded 2001
Key people Haruki Sasaki (jp. 佐々木春樹), Eri Utsugi (jp. 宇津木絵里)
Engineered Japan

FRAPBOIS is a renowned Japanese clothing brand, established in 2001 in Tokyo. The concept of FRAPBOIS is "non-adult clothing for adults", and the brand offers collections of relaxed everyday wear. Until 2005, the brand was led by the founder of mercibeaucoup, Eri Utsugi.

The main focus of FRAPBOIS clothing is feminine and original design lines, as well as a willingness to experiment and set new trends. The brand's boutique in Tokyo is located in the Aoyama (Daikanyama) district.

Although FRAPBOIS also offers a men's clothing line, its primary specialization is elegant women's clothing for young and stylish girls.

The brand also offers a variety of accessories, ranging from bright and soft-designed belts and bags to simple but stylish jewelry. A hallmark of FRAPBOIS is its crisp, feminine lines and a readiness for creative experimentation.

FRAPBOIS brand Fall/Winter 2023 collection