Founded 1991
Founder Christophe Lemaire
Key people Christophe Lemaire, Sarah-Linh Tran
Engineered France

LEMAIRE is a French clothing brand founded by designer Christophe Lemaire in collaboration with Sarah-Linh Tran. The brand has established itself on the global market as a symbol of minimalism, refinement, and quality, with a focus on detail and high-quality materials.

LEMAIRE's clothing is characterized by its modernity and functionality, without losing its elegance and luxury. At the heart of their collections is the concept of a wardrobe that emphasizes the uniqueness of each individual.

In addition to his own project, Lemaire is known for his roles as the artistic director for renowned brands such as Lacoste and Hermès.

LEMAIRE emphasizes its collection on timeless Parisian style, combining cosmopolitanism, refinement, and a myriad of cultural influences. Special attention is given to material selection, designed for comfortable daily wear. The brand's wardrobe is viewed as a modular system, offering flexibility in style and combination.

The LEMAIRE brand's production process is entirely centered in the historic Marais district of Paris, where the team implements innovative ideas, from sketches to the finished product.

For its products, LEMAIRE prefers fabrics produced in Europe and Japan, choosing them for their uniqueness, durability, and quality. A significant portion of production is based in Europe, while other items are crafted in Turkey and Morocco. Leather accessories, in particular, are made in Spain and Italy, where modern technologies and artisanal craftsmanship come together to create distinctive wardrobe pieces.


In 1991, Christophe Lemaire was honored with the ANDAM, award, prompting him to establish his own clothing brand. Initially, he introduced a women's collection, which was expanded in 1995 to include a men's ready-to-wear line. However, in 2000, Lemaire temporarily suspended his brand's operations to fully commit to his role as artistic director at Lacoste. The brand's activities resumed in 2007, marked by the opening of a flagship store in Paris's historic Marais district. In 2010, Sarah-Linh Tran joined Lemaire's design team, leading to several changes for the brand, including a name change to LEMAIRE and a logo update. This new chapter in the brand's history was highlighted with a significant show at Maison de la Radio. Since then, LEMAIRE products have been available not only in the Marais boutique but also on the official website, as well as in prestigious department stores and online shops worldwide.

LEMAIRE brand collections

LEMAIRE Spring/Summer 2024 Collection #

The LEMAIRE Spring/Summer 2024 collection introduces a travel-inspired concept, drawing from the assembly of garment elements, color variations, and the use of lightweight materials. This sense of freedom and movement was influenced by a journey to Vietnam. The collection emphasizes the idea of movement as a means of discovering something new or integrating with the surrounding environment.

The clothing is designed to be travel-friendly, with features like items that can be worn across the shoulder with an internal belt. A vest in the collection, equipped with traveler's pockets, recalls the attire of correspondents. Materials such as breezy cotton or silk ensure comfort in hot weather, while other elements, like capes and detachable hoods, offer protection from the elements.

The collection's color palette includes shades inspired by Southeast Asia and others reminiscent of the tropics or displaying signs of aging, like stripes and floral patterns with a vintage tint. A defining feature of the garments is their adaptability to the traveler's needs. The Spring/Summer 2024 design is complemented by unique details, asymmetry, and drapings, making it distinctly recognizable in LEMAIRE's aesthetic.

LEMAIRE Fall/Winter 2023 Collection #

The primary emphasis in the LEMAIRE Fall/Winter 2023 clothing collection was on expansive and relaxed clothing volumes, focusing on details such as long collars, chains, and asymmetrical buttons. The clothing line exhibits flexibility in interpreting form and function: a reimagining of classic wardrobe elements like pajamas, jackets, and cardigans. The collection's aesthetic varies between precision and casualness, between meticulous structuring and deconstructive elements.

The design also reflects the influence of global cultures, showcasing a fusion of Eastern and Western elements. For instance, a scarf tied around the neck or a quilted collar on a jacket. Urban features, like wide collars, blouses, and pockets, underscore the clothing's readiness for everyday life in an urban environment.

LEMAIRE brand spring/summer 2023 collection #

The summer collection features lightweight and breathable items, such as shirts, dresses, and pajamas. Roomy designs ensure freedom of movement, yet details at the waist and ankle accentuate the silhouette, adding grace and understated elegance.