Brand Norrøna


Founded 29 April 1929
Founder Jørgen Jørgensen
Engineered Norway
Manufacturer country Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Vietnam, China, Thailand
Head office Norway, Lüsaker

Norrøna is a Norwegian brand of high-quality outerwear and equipment. The company was founded in 1929 by Jørgen Jørgensen, a nature enthusiast who aimed to create innovative equipment for outdoor activities, designed for the harsh Norwegian landscape.

Norrøna produces a wide range of products, including jackets, backpacks, and technical clothing for outdoor sports activities - skiing, arctic surfing, snowboarding, mountaineering. The Norrøna brand is known for its attention to detail, as well as its use of bright, distinctive colors.

Norrøna pays great attention to ecology, which is reflected in the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. In addition, Norrøna adheres to ethical trading principles and strives to provide good working conditions in its factories, as well as ensuring that all products are manufactured without the use of harmful substances.

Norrøna, known for its innovative approach, devotes almost a third of its staff to research and development at its head office. In 1977, the company made a technical breakthrough by releasing the first jacket in Europe with Gore-Tex fabric. Norrøna developed the first mountain tunnel tent and set the ergonomic standard for backpacks.

Norrøna manufactures special equipment for Norwegian special forces.

Several expedition leaders and athletes have collaborated with Norrøna, including Lars Monsen, cyclist Kurt Asle Arvesen, polar explorer Børge Ousland, freerider Kristin Hargin, urban skier Even Sigstad, and snowboarder Andreas Wiig.

Norrøna led the trend of using bright colors in outdoor leisure clothing. Each Norrøna collection traditionally gets its name from the area for which the clothing is intended. For example, the Lofoten collection, intended for freeriding in large mountains, got its name from the Norwegian region of Lofoten. Similarly, the Fjørå collection, designed for mountain biking on single tracks, was named after the village of Fjørå in the Norwegian fjords of Sunnmøre, known for its network of mountain bike trails.

Norrøna brand ambassadors

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport is a professional skier and adventurer. He is most notable for his achievements in skiing, particularly his successful mission to ski all of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks within one year, which he accomplished in 2007. He is also known for his roles as a skier in numerous ski films and his contribution as a commentator and author in the ski industry.

Christian Nummedal

Christian Nummedal is a professional freestyle skier from Norway. He has made a name for himself in the freestyle world by participating in numerous competitions and showcasing his skills in freestyle video clips.

Børge Ousland

Børge Ousland is a Norwegian polar explorer, photographer, and writer known for his innovative expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Ousland is considered one of the leading figures in the world of polar exploration. He is particularly well-known for being the first person to make a solo crossing of Antarctica, which he achieved in 1996-97 without resupply.

The full list of Norrøna brand ambassadors can be found on the company's website:

Norrøna's Environmental Conservation Initiative

Norrøna's "1% for Nature" is an initiative that offers financial contributions to organizations and projects involved in environmental conservation. By donating 1% of its total annual sales, Norrøna supports various organizations, from grassroots campaigns to transnational corporations, fostering collective support for environmental protection. Thus, each purchase contributes to the protection of the environment.

Organizations that Norrøna collaborates with:

Norrøna Clothing

Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Anorak

The Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro is a protective, waterproof ski/snowboard anorak. It's crafted from 3-layer 70D GORE-TEX® PRO plain weave fabric, world-renowned for its breathability, durability, and windproof qualities. The fabric features a recycled nylon face and a solution-dyed micro grid backer for enhanced weather protection and breathability. Key features include a two-way zipper in the armpit and front area, a kangaroo pocket, a two-part snow skirt, a one-hand adjustable hood, asymmetrical velcro cuffs, hand gaiters, and hand-warming pockets. The anorak has a relaxed, elongated Y-shaped fit with articulated arms for superb mobility, as well as an extended rear cut for added protection.

Lyngen down850 Hood Jacket

The Lyngen down850 Hood is a lightweight down jacket designed for ski touring, but it is suitable for various types of outdoor activities requiring low weight and compactness. It serves as an outer layer or insulating layer under a jacket. The jacket features a premium aeroDownproof face fabric for lightweight weather protection, filled with high-quality down for excellent thermal insulation.

The face fabric - a lightweight 10D downproof recycled nylon - is treated with a PFC-free DWR water repellent. Premium 850fp down, certified to RDS 2.0 standard, is used for effective lightweight insulation.

Key features include a storm hood compatible with helmets, hand-warming pockets, a chest pocket, a soft matte chin guard, and Powerstretch inner cuffs. The jacket has a technical Y-shaped fit with articulated arms for optimal movement in mountain conditions and can be easily compressed into a pocket.

Trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Light Jacket

This lightweight jacket, designed for challenging alpine ascents, is also suitable for all-season mountaineering, including trekking and ski touring. The jacket uses GORE-TEX® PRO fabric, known for its superior waterproofness, optimized breathability, and complete windproofness.

The main fabric is a 3-layer most breathable 40D GORE-TEX® PRO with a 100% recycled nylon face, providing long-lasting weather protection. The hood, shoulders, and elbow panels are reinforced with 3-layer 70Dx160D GORE-TEX® PRO for enhanced durability.

Key features include a storm hood compatible with a climbing helmet, asymmetrical cuffs adjustable with Velcro®, two-way pit ventilation, strategically positioned Napoleon pockets, and a two-way front zipper for flexible ventilation.

The jacket has a technical cut with a Y-shaped cut and articulated arms to enhance mobility during climbing, as well as an extended rear cut for added protection.

History of the Norrøna brand

Norrøna - The first Gore-Tex jacket in Europe
The first Gore-Tex jacket in Europe

1929 - Jørgen Jørgensen opens the J.J Norrøna sports goods and leather factory. The aim is to produce the highest quality outdoor goods.

1948 - The company's leadership is passed on to Bjørne Jørgensen, the second generation of the Jørgensens, who takes over the company.

1950-60 - Norrøna becomes a corporate company and supplements its trade with garden furniture and camping goods.

Norrøna's collection now consists of clothing, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and accessories.

1971 - The company's leadership is passed on to Ole Jørgen Jørgensen, the third generation of the Jørgensens, who takes over the company.

1972 - Norrøna introduces Ravneskar, the world's first tunnel tent with front and back openings.

1973 - Norrøna introduces the Hadeng La backpack and the Stetind backpack.

1977 - Norrøna creates a prototype of the first Gore-Tex jacket in Europe.

The 'Great Trango Tower' expedition in Norrøna clothing
The 'Great Trango Tower' expedition in Norrøna clothing

1985 - 1985 - Norrøna equipment is used in the Norwegian Everest expedition led by Arne Næss, and in the Mount McKinley expedition with Jan Westby and Stein P. Aasheim. Karl-Emil Petersen crosses Greenland independently in Norrøna Arktis cotton clothing.

1987 - Norrøna introduces its first hunting product line.

1990 - Erling Kagge and Børge Ousland use Norrøna Arktis cotton clothing during the Norwegian expedition to the North Pole.

1992 - Erling Kagge embarks alone to the South Pole in Norrøna Arktis clothing. Per Einar Bakke, Willy Gautvik, and Arild Vegrim are the first to cross the Arctic Ocean from Siberia via the North Pole to Canada, carrying all their supplies. They chose Norrøna clothing for this extreme challenge.

1993 - Norrøna produces the first generation of the finnskogen hunting kit made of Gore-Tex material, which subsequently revolutionizes the waterproof hunting clothing market.

1995 - Release of the Norrøna Telemark jacket and trousers made of microfiber, which represent the first ski products from Norrøna.

One of the first Norrøna logos.
One of the first Norrøna logos.

1998 - Norrøna releases its first ski products made from Gore-Tex, the Colouir jacket and trousers.

1999 - The Trango Pulpit expedition is led by Robert Caspersen, Per Ludvig Skjerven, Gunnar Karlsen, and Einar Wold. They are wearing Norrøna clothing and backpacks.

Norrøna's collection now includes products designed for skiing/snowboarding, multisport, mountaineering, outdoor recreation, hunting, and military.

In 2002, Norrøna releases the world's lightest jacket, PacLite, and the first Generation 3 Gore-Tex PacLite is developed in collaboration with Norrøna.

With the launch of the vestveggen Gore-Tex XCR jacket in 2003, Norrøna is the first in Europe to introduce jackets with taped zippers.

2004 - Launch of the lofoten concept, representing a radically new direction for freeriding.

2005 - Jørgen Jørgensen, representing the fourth generation of Jørgensens, takes over the company's management. Norrøna enters the international market and presents its products at the ISPO Winter 2005 exhibition for the first time.

2006 - Robert Caspersen is the first to climb several peaks in Queen Maud Land. Børge Ousland reaches the North Pole, conducting field tests of the first edition Svalbard Pro Shell.

2007 - Børge Ousland's expedition in Nansen's footsteps to Franz Josef Land, testing and refining the Svalbard Pro Shell suit. Norrøna releases the new Lofoten collection, including the Lofoten Pro Shell One Piece set.

2008 - The Fjørå (mountain bike), Bitihorn (light trekking), and /29 (lifestyle) collections are launched.

2009 - The Lyngen and Svalbard collections are launched, including the signature Svalbard Pro Shell set, developed by Børge Ousland.

2010 - Relaunch of the Trollveggen and Narvik concepts with the new Trollveggen Gore-Tex Pro Shell jacket, which wins the Red Dot product design award, 30 years after the release of the first model.

2017 - The Skibotn freeride mountain bike collection and the Unstad Arctic surfing collection are introduced.

2018 - At the Textile Sustainability Conference, Norrøna takes leading positions in the 100% Organic Cotton Club and the 100% Preferred Down Club. Norrøna also takes 2nd place in Preferred Wool and 5th place in Recycled Polyester.

2019 - Norrøna joins the Fashion for Good organization. Norrøna also opens its first store in North America in Boulder, Colorado. The second American store opens in New York in December.