Brand Seven Layer (7L)

Seven Layer

Founded 2015
Founder Jamie Lundy
Engineered England
Manufacturer country England
Head office England, Alderley Edge

Seven Layer (7L) is a clothing brand that specializes in a multi-layered clothing system, providing optimal comfort and protection in various weather conditions. The creators of the 7L brand were inspired by the United States Army's GEN III ECWCS clothing system.

All layers of clothing are designed to work together, providing warmth, ventilation, and protection from external influences. Each layer has its specific function, from wicking moisture away from the body to protecting against wind and rain.

Seven Layer is a clothing brand that combines fashion, functionality, and style, embodying the motto "7 layers for 7 continents."

Layer 1. Base Layer. Moisture-wicking.

The thermal base layer is the layer of clothing that is closest to the skin, almost acting like a "second skin" that can warm or cool and helps insulate the body in cold and freezing conditions. It is typically worn under other layers and is closest to the skin, trapping warm air and helping to retain body heat. Technical fabrics help wick sweat and evaporate it, helping to stay warm, dry, and comfortable.

Layer 2. Mid Layer. Moisture-wicking and warming.

Layer 2 is usually located between the base layer (Layer 1) and the protective layer (Layer 6). An optimal mid-layer effectively wicks moisture away from the base layer and retains body heat, not letting you feel the cold. It should provide light thermal insulation in moderately cold weather and an additional protective layer in extremely cold conditions. It is often made from a material similar to fleece, manufactured by Polartec®.

The design should aim for thermal efficiency, while using lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying materials. For this layer, a synthetic jacket is perfect as its insulating properties allow it to retain heat even when wet.

Layer 3. Thermal Layer. Warming and protective.

Usually a sweater, fleece, or insulated jacket, it provides warmth when worn over base layers and under the fourth layer. Fleece comes in different thicknesses, it dries quickly and breathes, providing warmth by retaining heat and wicking away moisture. Down insulated jackets are easily packable and have an impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, while synthetic insulated jackets can retain heat even when wet.

Layer 4. Protective.

The fourth layer is primarily intended for protection against wind, especially in light, stormy, and wet conditions. Its main role is not to provide insulation, but to protect against wind and rain. In military conditions, a type of nylon such as 3 layer Waterproof is usually used. However, the Seven Layer (7L) brand uses various fabrics and materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, and others, to combine style and functionality. The materials are complemented by a water-resistant finish.

Layer 5. Protective.

Designed to be worn with base layers in moderate and cold conditions. A lightweight cold-weather protective jacket and trousers are designed for use in moderate and cold weather conditions in conjunction with other base and warming layers. Breathable and water-resistant materials are used, capable of preventing wetting during brief moderate rain.

Layer 6. Protective.

The waterproof outer materials of the sixth layer are intended for conditions above freezing temperature. They consist of a two-layer fabric with taped seams, which provides excellent weather resistance. The Waterproof Outer (WPO) fabric, light and durable, is made from 100% Japanese recycled polyester and recycled hydrophilic monolithic membrane. The technical characteristics of the outer fabric include an environmentally friendly non-fluorinated durable water repellent finish, with an impressive waterproof rating of 20,000 mm hydrostatic head and a moisture permeability rating of 20,000 g per square meter every 24 hours.

The waterproof outer fabric is fully taped and fitted with waterproof YKK Aquaguard® zippers with matte film reverse coil.

Layer 7. Warming and protective.

The 7-layer parkas are designed for the harshest conditions, similar to Arctic ones. This clothing, designed for temperatures down to -40°, provides warmth and safety to the wearer in extreme sub-zero conditions. Layer 7 is intended to be worn in combination with other layers to provide optimal insulation and protection against dangerously low temperatures. To avoid overheating, these parkas should not be worn during intense physical activity.

Seven Layer clothing

Recon Smock Jacket

The Recon Smock is a zippered jacket, inspired by the classic military model "Recon Smock", combining style and practicality to ensure maximum efficiency during walks, hikes, or travels.

The Recon Smock Jacket is made of premium Italian material, striking a balance between durability and lightness. A breathable mesh lining ensures sufficient ventilation and comfort during intense physical exertion.

The multi-pocket design of the Recon Smock on the front provides excellent capacity and convenience for storing items. There is a hidden compartment specifically designed for a mobile phone.

The Recon Smock Jacket features full-length side zippers, allowing it to be easily put on and taken off and opened for ventilation, while the adjustable hood provides a reliable and comfortable fit. The jacket is also waterproof, making it suitable for use in wet weather conditions.

Gibson Eco Bomber Jacket

The Gibson Eco Bomber (GEB) model is inspired by vintage military jackets and classic bomber jackets of yesteryears. The outer fabric is made in Japan, and the bomber itself is filled with PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume®. This synthetic filler is entirely made from post-consumer recycled materials.

The (GEB) model comes with a two-way 8VS Matt Black VISLON® military-grade zipper.

Extreme Cold Down Parka

The Extreme Cold Down Parka is made of 94% polyester and 6% spandex, providing dynamic stretch for comfort and high durability for active outdoor recreation. The outer fabrics are very sturdy and resistant to wear, yet very light. A significant part of the jacket has a technical knit, which helps reduce water penetration or down loss.

Hydrophobic properties and a hydrophilic membrane repel water and create a beading effect that protects the fabric and the owner from heavy rain. Inside is a water-repellent +800 FP 90/10 down from DownTek, which is fluorocarbon-free and Bluesign approved.

High-quality down traps air, preserving warmth and comfort, and helps maintain the body's core microclimate.