Brand Teva

hebrew. טבע (nature)

Founded 1984
Founder Mark Thatcher
Manufacturer country China, Vietnam, Cambodia
Head Office USA, Goleta, CA
Parent company Deckers Brands

Teva is a footwear brand most renowned for its sandals. Initially, Teva sandals were designed for river rafting, but they have become popular for all types of active leisure. The brand has expanded and now encompasses various types of footwear, such as hiking boots, trail running shoes, and everyday shoes.

Many Teva shoe models have adjustable straps for individual sizing and often use water-resistant and quick-drying materials. Some models also have special features, such as extra cushioning, shock absorption, or non-slip soles.

Teva Model Hurricane XLT2
Teva sandals model "Hurricane XLT2"

Teva brand history

In 1982, geophysicist Mark Thatcher, while working as a rafting guide, noticed the lack of suitable footwear for river trips. Sneakers became heavy when wet and took several days to dry, while flip-flops easily slipped off feet.

Thatcher attached two Velcro watch straps to a pair of old flip-flops, thus creating the first Teva sports sandals (which means "nature" in Hebrew).

Thatcher patented his invention and signed an agreement with the California Pacific company for shoe production, after selling his "universal amphibious sandals" while working as a salesman in the same company, selling 200 pairs in the first year. Although this footwear was effective for water sports, it was less effective for regular sports, as early Teva users often complained of blisters between the first and second toes, caused by the strap system. However, in 1984, there was a sudden high demand for Teva sandals, as young Americans considered the sandals fashionable. Then, California Pacific claimed rights to the Teva name and patent, stating that Thatcher was simply their employee. Thatcher sued California Pacific and won the case the following year. After severing ties with California Pacific, he founded the Tevas company in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.

By the end of 1985, Thatcher had signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Deckers Corporation for the manufacture and distribution of Teva sandals. Eventually, Deckers obtained exclusive rights to Teva, including US Patent No. 4,793,075 for the basic design and the trademark for the brand. The sandals were redesigned, resulting in a universal strap system. The first model, named "Hurricane," is the basis for all Teva sandals.

On November 25, 2002, Deckers Outdoor Co., Ltd. acquired all worldwide patents, trademarks, and other Teva assets from Mark Thatcher.

Currently, Teva sandals are manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Teva brand philanthropy

Teva Company strives to use its resources for charitable purposes, including supporting environmental organizations and fighting racial inequality. Teva recognizes the interplay between the environment and social justice, and amplifies the impact of various organizations standing against racism.

List of organizations supported by Teva:

Teva has created the TevaForever program in collaboration with TerraCycle, a renowned global expert in recycling and waste management. TevaForever is a waste utilization program through which Teva sandals are transformed into running tracks, sports fields, playgrounds, and much more.