Brand Gramicci


Founded 1982
Founder Mike Graham
Engineered USA
Head office USA, New York

Gramicci is a company specializing in active recreation and rock climbing apparel. The company was founded in 1982 by Mike Graham, a member of the legendary "Stonemasters" climbing team from Yosemite.

The Gramicci brand is known for its innovations, in particular the patented crotch gusset and the integrated nylon belt, which have influenced the development of the active leisure industry.

The company offers a wide range of products, including shorts, pants, t-shirts and outerwear, designed to meet the needs of active recreationists and climbers. The apparel is designed for comfort, durability, and freedom of movement, making it suitable for various types of active recreation, from climbing to hiking.

The brand is popular among active leisure enthusiasts and has also become popular in the fashion world thanks to the emergence of the "gorpcore" trend, which involves wearing active leisure clothing in everyday life.

Gramicci Brand Innovations

Integrated Belt System

Gramicci products incorporate the concept of an integrated belt, designed for comfort and flexibility during wear. This type of belt allows for easy adjustment of the fit of the shorts or pants, providing comfort even during active movements.

The belt system includes a buckle for quick and easy fastening, simplifying the process of putting on and taking off the shorts. This innovation was a major breakthrough in active leisure wear.

Clothing Cut

A distinctive feature of Gramicci garment design is a unique crotch cut that provides unrestricted freedom of movement. This is achieved through the use of a "gusset" or "wedge" system that provides additional space and allows the body to move without restriction.

This design not only enhances the functionality of the garment, but also gives it an unmistakable style. Thanks to this unique cut, Gramicci pants and shorts offer complete freedom of movement, which is necessary for active leisure and sports activities, as well as for everyday life.


The brand's story begins in California in the 1970s, when a group of pioneering climbers known as the Stonemasters settled in Yosemite National Park. The Stonemasters cultivated a new approach to climbing that emphasized speed and style over traditional techniques. This gave birth to "free climbing" - a minimalist form of climbing that reduces reliance on equipment and emphasizes clean, fluid movements.

The Stonemasters' style was not limited to their climbing methods. It permeated their fashion, reflecting the counterculture trends of the era. The Stonemasters drew inspiration from a variety of sources: paisley bandanas and tank tops inspired by Jimi Hendrix, spiritual teachings from Carlos Castaneda, and a quest to emulate Bruce Lee's honed muscular movements.

This new approach to climbing required a new uniform. At first, they chose clothing that was durable and practical: bright white painters' pants, old jeans, and olive military vests from Army surplus stores. But as the climbs became more complex, a more specialized solution was needed.

Mason Mike Graham, with his talent for design, was the ideal person to take on the task. Graham had been making lightweight, collapsible toilets for night climbing and ran a small retail climbing shoe business. From his garage in Oxnard, Ventura County, he set out to create the first true climbing shorts. Like the Stonemasters who innovated climbing, Graham borrowed elements from a variety of designs to create something unique and original in his shorts.

The design of Gramicci's signature garment incorporated several innovative features. A gusseted crotch, borrowed from kung fu pants, was integrated into the groin area to provide full 180 degree flexibility. The garment's material was a durable canvas inspired by workwear to withstand the rigors of use. In addition, a nylon strap belt was incorporated into the waistband for a secure fit. This feature, modeled after backpack straps, allowed for one-handed adjustment, and the elastic waistband provided comfort.

In 1982, the Gramicci company was officially founded after Mike Graham had been selling handmade clothing to friends for several years. The brand's unique name came about as a joke: the Stonemasters group, including Graham, attempted the first Italian ascent of Yosemite's infamous Half Dome, even though none of them were Italian. This event led to the adoption of Italian nicknames, and "Gramicci" was coined for Graham. This nickname stuck, and when it came time to name the new brand, the made-up Italian term was deemed perfect.

After the successful launch of the shorts, the company began producing pants. Thanks to the connections Graham had made during his years of climbing, word of these durable yet surprisingly flexible pants, known as G-Pants, spread quickly. Their appeal was easy to understand: G-Pants were tough, practical, well-fitting, and aesthetically pleasing. At a time when Lycra was making its way into climbing apparel, these canvas pants, more reminiscent of work clothes than the flashy neon outfits that were starting to appear on the rocks, offered a fresh alternative.

The genius of the Gramicci design lay not only in its suitability for challenging climbing routes, but also in its broad appeal beyond the climbing community. By the mid-1980s, some surfers and skateboarders began to appreciate the durability and signature "running man" logo of these climbing pants.

In a sense, the evolution of fashion had come full circle. Just as Graham and the Stonemasters had repurposed painter's pants and flannel shirts for climbing, people who were not inclined to climb found utility in these specially designed climbing pants.

It was a natural progression. The same elements that made Gramicci pants perfect for hard-to-reach places like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Tahquitz made them ideal for any activity that required strength and agility. When young surfers and skateboarders started their own brands, many used Gramicci pants as a blueprint for their models, proving the lasting influence of Gramicci's innovations.

The appeal of Gramicci's functional design was not limited to climbers, surfers, and skateboarders: it resonated in Japan as well. By the early 1990s, it was not uncommon to see a pair of Gramicci pants on the bustling streets of Shinjuku. Fans of the American counterculture were creating their own embodiment of the laid-back Western style they saw in magazines and on television. They paired vintage sneakers with work clothes, military gear, and preppy clothing. Again, Gramicci found his place in this fashion mosaic.

Over the years, Gramicci has continued to innovate while staying true to its original ethos. The iconic G-Pants remain popular and the collection has been expanded with new models such as the more elegant NN-Pants. All this is complemented by the integration of advanced technical fabrics and collaborations with brands such as have a good time, Deus ex Machina, F/CE, Adsum, FRAPBOIS, KAPTAIN SUNSHINE, White Mountaineering, Nonnative and Nanga.

Gramicci clothing

G-Shorts #

Gramicci G-Shorts are made from high quality materials such as nylon or organic cotton and have a number of features that make them ideal for active leisure and outdoor walks.

The G-Shorts have an elastic waistband with a buckle that makes size adjustment easy and ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, many styles have spacious pockets for storing gear or personal items. Most G-Shorts are also quick-drying and breathable.

G-Pants #

Gramicci pants are an iconic element in the active leisure clothing industry, embodying the concept of "freedom of movement". These original pants originated from Gramicci's innovative line of pants in the 1980's and were designed specifically for the needs of climbers, using the company's extensive experience in this field.

Over the years, the Gramicci pants have been refined to meet the changing needs of modern climbers, with modifications such as extra space in the hip area, a front zipper fly, and practical back pockets on both sides. These climbing pants have become a fashionable piece of active leisure wear, attracting a new generation of users thanks to their versatility.

Gramicci pants are made of 100% organic cotton twill, which has high durability, stretch and stiffness, capable of withstanding intense movements. The pants also undergo a dyeing process that gives them a unique character and aesthetic appeal.